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Red Beard Reviews | 600 Gram Ruthe Fiberglass Handle

In This Installment of Redbeard Reviews we get his thoughts on the Ruthe with 600 Gram head with Fiberglass Handle

Axe Specs

Weight- Just over 2 LBS. / 600 Gram head weight

Length- 14.75"

Cutting Edge- 3.75" Cutting Edge

First Impressions:

There were some serious reservations when I first set eyes on the fiberglass handle Ruthe. I was wary of the epoxy sealed eye at the top, as they tend to crack and expose the fibers in the handle with heavy use, thus rendering it useless. Needless to say i did not have high expectations for this axe from the outset.


To my benefit, utilizing the curved handle meant having absolute control until it leaves my hand and made it fairly it was easy to pick up with no-nonsense, which I like. The weight of it is incredible, no feature of this axe seemed taxing or unruly. I couldn’t have been more impressed with this excellent tool. Moreover, the price point is undeniably reasonable and isn’t something to be worried about over quality if you’re getting into throwing as a sport or hobby. A few others had mixed reviews on it. The first was the previous owner. He was not happy with how it handled, but his wife found it to be excellent. “I think the weight of it is just too light for me, and I keep having issues with the hooked handle” he mentioned. “I don’t mind it much, but I can’t shake my current thrower” the wife explains. When I handed it off to another one of the members in the league, he responded “I like it, I wasn’t expecting much to come from it when you handed it to me, but it sinks in really well.”

The Verdict:

After a series of tests, this axe had shown minimal signs of wear, and the seal didn’t show any signs of cracking. Other than a few dings (cosmetic issues) after a couple of drops, this axe is for anyone and is a perfect starter axe if you’re prone to drops or have a heavy hand in throwing. I tend to classify these broad blade profiles as a “stick all” meaning; it’ll almost always stick to the target whichever way it’s thrown. Happy Hucking! Ruthe Fiberglass Axe At


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