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Review | Adler Rheinland Hatchet

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The German culture has always taken great pride in designing and crafting high quality products. Most people within the outdoors and axe throwing communities are well aware of the names Gransfors Bruk, Helko Wek and Ochsenkopf. Adler may not be as well know of a German brand but they have been in business since 1919, and if a company can stay around for that long it typically means they know what they are doing. Located in a small southern German town they have certainly held up the lofty standards set by their German compatriots with their line of hatchets and axes.

The Adler Rheinland hatchet is a familiar shape that lends well to axe throwing. The thin profile allows the head to penetrate easily and deeply into the target boards. The 4” toe to heel blade ensures maximum coverage when in the board, helping to get as many of those bullseyes as possible. The wide that extends to the top past the top of the eye also helps with the occasional over rotation. When thrown with too much spin the toe of the blade still has the ability to pierce and stay in the board.

The big question is, what makes the Adler Rheinland pattern better than axes with a similar pattern? For one, the materials. The head is a very hard C-45 steel (rockwell hardness of 47-55 HRC) that holds an edge well and can withstand more abuse and use than other makers. The handle is carefully selected American hickory guaranteed to last many throws without breaking or cracking. The handle is then secured in the axe head with both a hardwood wedge as well as a steel round wedge to ensure the handle and head does not slip.

This hatchet does come in on the lower end of the allowable weight limits allowed by most throwing leagues. The Adler Rheinland hatchet comes in at roughly 1.35 pounds head weight and a total of virtually 1.9 pounds overall. The lower weight is best for throwing styles with more velocity and not slower “flick” style. The straight handle design fits perfectly in a throwers hand with a slight heel to offer a place to index your grip repeatedly. The straight handle is different than most other similar German style or Rheinland hatchets that typically have more curve. The handle also features a painted handle that is a water based grip paint that feels perfect and replaces the need for grip tape or chalk.


At the end of the day the Adler Rheinland hatchet is a great choice for a thrower no matter your experience and skill level. The Adler has an appealing and unique look that many others simply lack, helping you stand out in the crowd. The finely crafted head will have obvious marks that are tell-tale signs of its German handmade character.

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