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AK Tool Co

Specializing in the creation and restoration of high quality axes and tools.

Austin Kelley is the owner and operator of AK Tool Co, LLC.  He created his first custom axe in January of 2018.  After making a few more for his jealous friends, he was encouraged to start posting some of his favorite pieces online.  His popularity quickly grew within both the axe throwing and axe restoration communities, and he now accepts orders from all over the US. 

Sheps accents.jpg

Sheps Axecents

Axe Customization by Shane Shep, a prominent member of the axe throwing community. 

Dedicated to providing you with a custom axe that you can call yours! Lets talk about getting a design of choice on an axe!



Axequisite Axes specializes in making custom handles and sheaths for a wide variety of axes. Custom handles vary from simple to extravagant multi-laminated handles. All of my axes come with a matching sheath. IG: @Axequisite_axes FB: Axequisite axeworks by TK

axe man co.jpg

Axe Man Co.

Custom Axe restorations and repairs

Collector grade axes for sale

Killer Stix

killer stix.jpg

KillerStix is a blend of style and performance in the axe industry. Based out of Red Deer, Alberta, we design and produce unique custom competition throwing axes for those wanting something a little extra to stand out of the crowd. 

Be unique, contact us today!

Instagram: @KillerStix

Facebook: /Killerstix 

Follow and like for future axe and product giveaways! 

log head.jpg

Log Head Axe Mods

Just a guy with two hands, trying to keep busy. I take axes and make em better. With options :)

Philly Axe Co. 

philly axe.jpg

Philly Axe Co started in 2019 focusing mostly on leatherwork by making sheaths for axes but in March of 2020 They Started making handles. Specializing in Skateboard Laminated Axe Handles, Vin always tries to one-up the last handle by making sure that no two are the same. Blending traditional domestic wood, Canadian Maple, and other Exotic Wood, you’ll get a one of a kind axe handle that will perform just as good as it looks!




Nicholas Downing


Southern Maine Blacksmith with 20 years experience creating edge weapons, specializing in axes and hatchets. He does axe restoration work as well.

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