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Review | Woox Thunderbird

Like a mighty bird flying the coop to hunt, the Thunderbird has arrived. This Thunderbird, unlike the mythical beast it is named after, is not likely to flap its wings and create wind and thunder, but you will certainly now of its arrival. The Woox Thunderbird is quite unlike any other axe in the axe throwing world right now. But the question remains, how does the Thunderbird stack up to other throwers?

Straight out of the box the Thunderbird is certainly appealing to the eye. The Thunderbird comes in one of four colors: blue, orange, purple, and black that is then mounted on a deep black painted handle. Although the profile of the blade is acceptable, out of the box it will definitely need some sharpening before throwing in leagues or competition. At first the paint of the handle causes a bit of a slippery grip. However, once the Thunderbird has been thrown and the paint worn down a bit the handle has a very comfortable grip that provides for maximum accuracy.

The straight handle will surely appeal to many in the axe throwing community. Until now this head design, similar to the German style Prandi hatchet design, has only come mounted on a thick curved handle. The curved handle is great for beginners that are still refining their skills and throw style and need a little extra help getting extra rotation in their throw. With the straight handle, a thrower tends to have more control of the hatchet, both with the rotation as well as the aim and accuracy. The thickness of the handle is certainly thinner than the Prandi German handles which results in a more comfortable grip for most throwers.

The overall light weight of the hatchet is great for accuracy and for use with a fingertip grip style throw. Hatchets with a heavier head and overall weight require stronger hands and can be difficult for many new throwers to master and control the release. The Thunderbird is a great thrower to learn the fingertip grip and build up hand strength required for heavier axes. Because it is a lighter hatchet it does still need to be thrown with more velocity than a heavier hatchet that uses its added weight to penetrate into the target. But worry not the profile and shape of the blade will easily penetrate sufficiently into the target with a slightly faster throw.

The Head of the Thunderbird is the same classic design as the Woox Volante and Prandi German Style hatchet. The Thunderbird will stick if over rotated as well as a flush stick with all 4 inches of blade easily penetrating into the target board. Woox uses high quality steel in all of its heads and products, so once the edge is sharpened to your liking it will hold that edge for a very long time. Woox chooses and mounts only high-quality Hickory for their handles ensuring it lasts as long as possible without movement or breakage.

At the end of the day the Woox Thunderbird is a great addition to the axe throwing family. There is no doubt that many who throw it will love it no matter if they are experienced competition throwers or just starting out in the sport.

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