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At Home Target Design

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. For axe throwers, many of our local axe throwing venues have had to close completely or continue to operate on extremely limited number of customers at any moment. For the safety of everyone, the axe throwing community has had to make some adjustments just to maintain their skills and the comradery that comes along with the sport. As social distancing became more important throughout the year, axe throwers from all over have designed and built targets of all kinds in their personal space and used virtual technology to compete against each other. There really is no one way to make a functional target for personal use. The target must simply be safe, sturdy and have a design that allows for easily replaced target boards. After it is built an axe thrower can even add extra design features to make it their own. We have drawn up a basic design that can be built using just a saw and drill. After it is built it should last quite a long time with minimal upkeep and ready for you to start practicing or even competing again.

What you will need

Use Pressure Treated lumber if the target will be used and stored outdoors.

(6) 2”x4”x8’

(6) 2”x10”x8’

And a box of 3” screws If you are interested in having a copy of the sketchup file send us an email

We would love to see your home target and how you made it. Comment below with your designs!!


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