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How to get started in Axe Throwing

New year, New me! Words that are have been said for generations, as one year ends and a new one begins. As the new year starts everyone seeks a new beginning. Many make oaths to begin eating healthy, others to go to the gym more often and get in shape. Others make a promise to themselves to start a new hobby. The holiday season tends to see many people throw axes for the first time, whether it was for a company outing, or a night out with friends and family. Axe throwing tends to get its hooks in people once they get a few axes to stick in the bullseye. Once they are hooked, people are likely to want to get more involved. This is when they ask, Where and how do I get started?

A new throwers greatest resource is always going to be throwers at their local venue. The sport of axe throwing has grown tremendously in the last few years due mainly to the always comforting, engaging and supportive members of the community. Most axe throwers are always able and willing to answer any questions a new thrower may have. If you want to know what is a good axe to buy, chances are they will tell you their favorite and may even let you throw theirs. Don’t' be surprised if they will not let a newb throw their custom axe however. If you want to know how to practice and gain more consistency, chances are these experienced throwers will give you tips on how to get better.

The internet is everywhere and the information available is seemingly limitless. Online groups are a great resource for new throwers. Everyone that throws an axe for competition had to start at the same place and skill level you are at. The chances are pretty good that many of the questions you have, have been asked and answered within the online community. Reddit groups, Facebook groups are great resources for finding answers any time. The Sport of Axe Throwing is a popular Facebook group with a quick search box you can use to find answers to many questions that have been previously asked. The Reddit Group, r/AxeThrowing is a great starting off point as well.

Most venues, whether affiliated or not, follow the rules set by either the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) or the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF). If you are looking for basic rules of axe throwing, visiting the WATL or IATF websites is a great place to learn all the rules and regulations within the sport. These sites list all the rules, axe requirements, lane requirements as well as typical game play rules.

If you are more of a traditional “book” learner, there have been a few books written about the sport of axe throwing and the different methods to becoming a more competitive thrower in the last few years. World Champion Ryan Smit wrote The Perfect Throw: Mastering Accuracy in Competitive Urban Axe Throwing . Longtime member of the axe throwing community Dennis Cejvanovic wrote Axe Champs: How they think, train and act

It's important to remember every axe thrower was once where you are at now. Do not get discouraged or intimidated by not being able to compete with someone that has years of axe throwing experience. Ask questions, keep pushing yourself to get better and most importantly keep things fun.

If you are looking for a great axe of your own to start off with The Axe Shoppe has many great choices. The Prandi The German Style Thrower as well as the Cold Steel Competition Thrower are great starter hatchets legal for use in most leagues and tournaments.


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