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A Review: 2020 Sucked

2020 Sucked! There is no other way to describe it. We rang in the year with hopes of starting our generations version of the roaring 20’s. What we started the decade with instead was a super kick to the gut. Billionaires added even more zeros to their bank accounts while most of had to improvise and persevere just to get by. In the end ‘What doesn’t kill us, makes us Stronger’ became our adage. This year that saying is both true in the literal as well as figurative sense. Our resolve in these tough times has brought about some positives in the sport of axe throwing.

When the Pandemic began to rapidly spread and infect so many in early spring most axe throwing businesses had to shut down for weeks or even months. When they were allowed to re-open, new social distancing and sterilization standards had to be maintained. The diehard throwers were the first to come back, virtually knocking the doors in. The casual throwers are only now slowly beginning to return for some venues. Businesses of all sizes have had to adapt and hold on with all their might to keep the axes flying.

With the closure of venues to help stymie the spread of the virus many of the axe throwing tournaments and social gatherings that typically happen throughout the year had to be cancelled or postponed indefinitely. The Bright spot of all this was the creation of the QATL. The Quarantine Axe Throwing League was quickly formed by members of the axe throwing community and created an avenue for axe throwers to continue to compete and hang out in a virtual and socially distanced manner.

Although 2020 was difficult, we did still see the introduction of a few new axes to axe throwing world.

The Agdor (In the USA)

For years now our axe throwing friends to the north have told us of the mythical axe known as the Agdor. In 2020 the Agdor finally became readily available to throwers that call America home. Crafted in Europe and imported into the hands of axe throwers eager to test it out, the Agdor did not disappoint. In 2020 the Agdor has quickly become the favored “Big Axe” of competition throwers.

Woox Volante

The Italian company, Woox officially entered the world of axe throwing with the introduction of the Volante. Crafted in Italy and the USA, Woox creates high quality axes and gun parts. The Woox motto is “Designed to Perform” and that is exactly what this lightweight axe does. As more Volante’s get into the hands of throwers the Woox reputation will surely soar.

Cold Steel Pro Thrower

Cold Steel introduced the Professional Thrower as a compliment to their hugely popular Competition Thrower from the year before. The Pro thrower did not meet the widespread popularity as its predecessor, however. This can be attributed to the fact that the 2 major axe throwing affiliations deemed the quick-change handle design to be illegal in competition. The Pro Thrower is a comparable axe to the Competition Thrower but is best for use as a house axe. Unfortunately The higher cost of the Pro Thrower has been a tough sell to many venues as the pandemic has taken a huge chunk out of revenues.

As the Clock strikes midnight and the end of 2020 finally arrives, we can all agree on a few things. Balancing a beer on a basketball and dropping it will not end well for you or the beer. That bitch Carol Baskin killed her first husband and fed him to the tigers. And finally, above all, the Axe Throwing community will continue to grow bigger and stronger no matter the challenges we face.


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