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The Side Hustle and Axe Throwing

The Axe Throwing community is a very special and unique group of human beings. People of all backgrounds and personalities come together to support each other, all the while attempting to triumph over them. One thing the members of the community have in common is that they are not afraid to show their personalities and the traits that make them unlike anyone else.

The “Side Hustle” has become more and more common within society as a whole. There are many reasons people start a side hustle. Some do it to help make ends meet, some start one just to get more money in their bank account, while others just have extra time on their hands and want to be productive. The number of people that have a side hustle has also increased because there are many low costs to free ways for people to sell and promote their goods to the world. Many members of the axe throwing community have taken the opportunity to start a side hustle for one reason or another. At the end of the day, these side hustles help others show their distinctive personality and their love of the sport.

Many of the side hustles in the axe community revolve around customizations of axes. Craftsmen create awesome handmade hardwood handles for old axe heads using a wide array of materials. Some repair and customize vintage axe heads that are quite unlike anything made in a factory today. While others create amazing handcrafted leather sheaths to protect their blades.

Print on Demand websites have made it easier for people to create a design and share it with the world. These companies can print a design on almost any t-shirt, sweater, phone case or sticker size that one can imagine. The axe throwing community has taken full advantage of the print on demand model to share their creativity with others around the world. Many in the community have taken inspiration from the sport and have created their own logos, or stickers or some sort of axe themed T-shirt designs.

As the community of Axe throwing junkies continues to grow so will the side hustles. The amount of extraordinarily awesome axes and gear that will come from this will be quite unlike any other we predict. It will eventually become commonplace for throwers to walk into their local venue with a never-before-seen t shirt or hat each and every week that will reflect who they are. We at The Axe Shoppe cannot wait to see all this amazingly unique group can come up with. Here is a short list of some side hustles from the Axe Throwing Community. If you have a side hustle we would love to see your work! Comment below with your site and some of you work for all to see. The Axe Shoppe Designs Sheaths Custom Axes Custom Axes


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