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Redbeard Reviews | Council 14" Camp Hatchet

We asked our redbearded axe throwing friend to test out and give us his thoughts on the 14" Camp Hatchet by Council Tool.

First Impressions:

Looking at the Council Tool hatchet, it seemed underwhelming at first glance,but appearances do not affect the axe in its efficacy and ability to throw well. The overall impression is very natural, the practical aspect of it is reliable. The head weight is a little heavy and unwieldy at first for a well-balanced thrower but will provide a nice punch into the target based on its weight alone.The profile of the axe is beautiful, appealing,and slim (which is fabulous for biting into the wood for a perfect huck). Handle length to head weight is a bit short for my taste,but this hatchet is ideal for single-handed use and will prove to be a fantastic thrower for any pro and newcomer alike.


After my initial impression, I sought out several people ranging from minimal throwing experience to the well-versed;all of which were positive after they got the hang of it. “I like the weight and feel of it” one person had said. The first thought from one of our league members was,“this axe is unbearably heavy for how short it is.” After a few more throws, it started to click;this was when this Council Tool beast started to shine, “this is an excellent axe”. Turning to a colleague of mine who has been throwing ten plus years, “the sheer weight of the axe proves to have nice penetration into the target, and the simplicity of it is just marvelous.”

Following these responses, I then needed to gauge in real-time to collect information on the wear of an axe by throwing it one hundred times.After the assessment,the blade had shown minimal signs of wear, only receiving slight blemishes to the bevel,butt or pole side of the head and the handle didn’t shift or have mushrooming where the handle meets the metal from the impact.To my satisfaction, this axe didn’t back down from repeated use, the simple yet effective design of the Council Tool hatchet made for a hardy axe to throw and packed a punch. Anyone who is looking to get into the sport of axe throwing this one is superb;I highly recommend checking it out whether it is your first axe or your fifth.

The Verdict:

The Council 14" Camp Hatchet takes some getting used to, as it is a bit on the heftier side for a throwing axe. But once you get used to the weight and balance of the axe it sticks in the board with ease and is very resilient. So if you prefer a heavier axe this is the axe for you.


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