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Review of the Marbles Camp Axe by our Axebassador Rachel Lorae


15 3/4" overall length, has 6" 1045 high carbon steel head with 4" cutting edge, and a total weight of 2 LBS. It also has American hickory handle with enlarged lanyard hole

First impressions:

When I first peeked at the Marbles camp axe, my initial reaction was one of excitement. I am always a sucker for a good beard, whether it's a divine follicle blessing on a handsome gentleman, or that of a cold 1045 steel axe head. The Marbles delivers a sexy little beard. The axe is light, a bit lighter then my preference for a throwing axe, but I know plenty that prefer otherwise. I then went on to examine the hickory handle, the grain orientation on mine was just about spot on. The hang was neat, precise and clean. The handle also has a nifty lanyard hole in case you're in to that sort of thing. Personally, I'm not a fan of the lanyard hole, as a thrower I feel as if the indentation of the handle effects my grip.

The axe reminds me of the Husqvarna or Gransfors Bruk style axe.


I had to get accustomed to the weight of the axe, thankfully the weight of the head is fairly even, so it took no time at all for me to adjust my throw accordingly and to start nailing killshots and bullseyes. I made sure I practiced throwing the axe harder to determine how this little hatchet would fare for new(er) throwers or heavy hitters and she did beautifully.


Overall for the cost of the axe, I Love it! I will keep this in my repertoire for recommendations for those who are asking for a solid inexpensive hatchet and one that is lightweight!


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