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Prandi German Style Hatchet Review by Axebassador Casandra Stankewitz


14” long Hickory Handle 4” Carbon Steel axe head 600G (1.3lb) head weight

Initial Thoughts:

After throwing house axes for a while, I had decided to buy my own. The German Prandi is one of the first axes I researched, and ultimately, has become my go to axe! The unique design of the axe head, the curvature in the handle, and the overall appearance is what solidified my choice. The Satin Steel head and the light hickory handle work beautifully together to make this a champion thrower.


Throwing this axe is like throwing a knife at butter. The curve being lower on the handle makes it easier for me to place my hands in just the right spot for each throw. After throwing heavier axes for a while, it took me a few throws with this axe to gauge my distance the right way, but within no time I was throwing dead center. I was able to throw both with two hands and then one hand easily without having to switch up my distance or how hard I was throwing.

Final Thoughts:

This axe has it all. It’s gorgeous looking, very sharp, and will withstand the test of time. This axe is lightweight and so easy to throw. I recommend it to all new(er) throwers or anyone who needs a lighter axe.

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