Red Beard Reviews | Prandi Yankee Hatchet

The Stats:

Length : 15"Cutting Edge : 3.13"Head Width : 5.25"Head Weight : 600 grams / 1.3 PoundsTotal Weight : 1.95 LBS

Initial Thoughts

      This axe has a lot of impressionable features. What caught my eye off the bat is the large eye in comparison to the size of the axe head. A larger wooden haft ensures durability and longevity which is great for throwing purposes. The axe comes very sharp and has a beautifully slim profile to boot. However, judging by the shape and size of this lightweight axe it is best suited for more seasoned throwers.


                The axe speaks quality, the Yankee is indeed something to behold, and with minimal degradation after testing, it continues to hold up famously. Satisfyingly, this tool is sturdy, wildly lightweight and didn’t feel cumbersome to throw. The only issue I have against this axe is the lacquer finish; it would inhibit my release time while throwing, no doubt a quick fix. Other then that, this axe is brilliant and holds up with the best on the market.
                I didn’t give this axe to many people this time, but for those who did handle it gave it very high ratings. “What I enjoy most about it, is the overall weight,” a peer coach says. A friend of mine who has been throwing for quite some time was speechless, but his face said it all, looking back toward me after the axe sinks into the bullseye like butter. “I like it, but I feel like it may be too light for what I’m looking for” a league member giving their final thoughts on this piece. Overall, I am quite impressed with this axe from Prandi.

Final Judgement

While probably not the best option for someone just getting into the sport the Prandi Yankee Hatchet is definitely a high quality axe worth having and throwing for fun, in leagues and in competitions. 


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