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The sport of axe throwing is well known for the community that has grown from the competition and the love of throwing heavy, sharp objects at a target of wood. To further expand this community, we at are beginning an Axebassador program.

What The AxeBassador Program is about

We are looking for a select few members of the axe throwing community that will help promote the sport while encouraging new players to get involved. We are looking to educate throwers of all experience levels on the importance of having a high quality axe for throwing that will result in higher scores and more fun.

Who we are looking for

Our ideal Axebassadors are those that are deeply involved in the sport either as a coach, manager or owner of an axe throwing venue. Axebassadors should be active on various social media outlets, whether its facebook, instagram, or twitter. We want people who are not shy about their love of the sport and they share it often.

Benefits of being an Axebassador

Some of the benefits you will have as an Axebassador is that you will get a special discount to use yourself on axe purchases. You will also get a set of business cards with a separate discount to give to your fellow throwers that are looking for an axe upgrade. You will also get a personalized Valley Tools axe. A axe is only good if it is sharp so we are also providing a sharpening stone and oil. The axe, stone, oil  and business cards will come in an Axe Shoppe box to both, display and store your axe safely.

So if you would like to help grow the sport of axe throwing by being a part of the Axebassador program send us an email telling us a little about yourself, your love of throwing axes and how you plan to go about promoting the sport.


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