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WATL Rule Changes

       This week the WATL unveiled new and updated rules and regulations. All the changes are meant to further the sport, make the matches more competitive and to ensure a fun and even playing field for all competitors. Among the regulation changes were updates to the requirements of the axes.

Taken from the WATL site


  • Axe Regulations

    1. Scoring Area of Axe

    1. The axe head, blade and cheek up to the front of the eye but not past it.
    1. If there is no visible eye of the axe in the top of the axe head then it counts as where the handle would meet if going straight through. To be determined by the official presiding over the match.
    1. No second bits or spikes on the opposite side of the axe head from the forward facing bit of the axe.
    1. Decorative blunt objects are allowed but there may not be anything that could be considered sharp. This will be determined by the presiding match official.
    1. Handle Max Length can be no more than 19in/48.26cm from the bottom of the handle to the top of the axe head.
    1. Maximum Weights of an axe
    1. Axe Head = 2 lbs/0.907 kg
    1. Axe Total = 3 lbs/1.36 kg
    1. Broken axe
    1. If the coach determines that a throwers axe has broken during a match in a significant way. The thrower must provide a replacement axe to be verified and approved by the coach. If they do not provide a second non-broken axe within 1 minute they will have the rest of their match throws are counted as 0.
    1. The thrower is allowed 1 practice throw with the new axe before continuing the match. This will only apply if their original axe is declared broken by the presiding official.

    The changes to the axe requirements include a maximum length of 19", a max weight of the total axe 3lbs and how to measure the length of the cutting edge. It is no longer a straight line from heel to toe, but arc length of the edge. 




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