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Council Tools

      One thing that has always made Americans great is our drive to be the best and to accept nothing but the best. Council Tool has been crafting tools since 1886, and their commitment to creating high quality tools that stand the test of time is why they have remained a the top of the tool making industry. 

       Through the years Council Tool has stayed true to who they are, never sacrificing quality for profit. All tools are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in their North Carolina facility. Council Tools' ability to stay ahead of the curve by being innovative with new and efficient tools has been a leading factor in their success as well. They have designed and created tools used by professional firefighters as well as multi tools that ensure the customer is getting their monies worth. 

       Another element that set Council Tool apart is their honesty and their devotion to American jobs and their commitment to protecting the environment. Council Tool has never outsourced their tools to lower labor costs. Keeping jobs in America making American tools is important to the company  family. They ensure all of their materials are gathered and manufactured in a eco-friendly manner to ensure the world we inherited is better for the next generation. is proud to be an official Council Tool dealer. We carry high quality Council Tools that will stand the test of time and be sure to make you stand out at the Axe Throwing lane.

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