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Axe Steel

       We all know that Axe heads are made with steel. Steel is a very hard, very durable and very versatile material that is used in a myriad of ways. What most of us non metal workers and metallurgists do not know, is that there are thousands of different types of steel. Just like grandma's recipe book each type of steel has different ingredients that create different effects on the finished product.

So what type of steel is best for a Throwing Axe ?

      There is a great article over on that tackles this very subject. I won't spoil the article for you but just say that the author comes to the conclusion that the best steel recipe for a throwing axe is 5150 or 5160 steel. This type of steel is commonly used to craft larger blades because of its overall toughness, hardness and ability to withstand impacts.

     Long story short, make sure you are buying an axe that is crafted with the proper carbon content and method to ensure you get a high quality blade. No one wants to resharpen an axe after every throw or replace the blade in a matter of months. An axe should last for many years and thousands of throws.

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The Axe Shoppe article



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