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World Axe Throwing League Championship


         As some of you may know by now The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is having their championships on December the 15th at Bad Axe Throwing in Chicago. This is a huge event for the sport of axe throwing. Competitors from all over will be competing for $5000 and the title of Worlds Greatest Axe Thrower Person. (ok i made up that title, but it sounds good)  What makes this event even sweeter is the fact that ESPN 3 will be live broadcasting the event on the internet. This means followers of the sport, recreational throwers and those who haven't been exposed to the sport yet will be able to watch the excitement live and  find out what so many of us love about the sport.

     Our hotel is booked, tickets are purchased and bags are packed, sans axe since TSA frowns upon taking these on planes. Be sure to look for The Axe Shoppe and the Throwin' Axes blog at the event. And if you haven't yet make plans to be there to blow off some steam before the holiday stress takes a hold of you. 

World Axe Throwing League Championships

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