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Is Axe Throwing the next major sport?

      I recently read an article that compared the sport of Axe Throwing to “the internet of things”. In short the article compared the newness and the risk as common attributes. I also read an article taking the comparisons a step further that compared Axe Throwing to “the internet of things” by the sense of community and combination of the new and old as common attributes.
      I would agree with both of these comparisons but offer a little different comparison myself. The sport of Axe Throwing is attractive to many because it is fairly “new” sport that holds a certain amount of risk, it is also appealing to many because of the community that is built around camaraderie and competition. I believe Axe throwing can look to other major professional sports such as Baseball and for our northern friends hockey.

      Being American I enjoy hockey but admittedly do not know much about how the professional game came to be and how it has grown. But baseball I know all about. Much like how the sport of axe throwing started in someone’s back yard, baseball began in the country fields of America in the 19th century. Communities would gather and play games in the name of camaraderie and competition. Eventually baseball became more organized and teams and leagues were formed. Then inevitably entrepreneurs found ways to make money from the sport. Once the professional leagues were formed the rest is history and became what we know as Major League Baseball today.
       Axe Throwing is still very much in its infancy. Currently there are organizations such as the World Ax Throwing League(WATL) and National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) that have written out formal rules and regulations for the sport. (I’ll discuss these organizations and their differences in another post) These organizations have organized leagues and even crowned national champions with a monetary prize, making the competitors professionals. And just like baseball, Axe throwing has reached the point of entrepreneurs finding ways to monetize on the sport.
      Axe throwing may or may not be the next sport to become a major league, with athletes making millions and becoming house hold names. But I can confidently say that sport of Axe Throwing is here to stay. Any sport that can be enjoyed by those that are participating as well as those observing will continue grow a strong and loyal community.This community will inevitably  pass that passion on to the next person for years to come. 




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