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Will the WKTL work?

        WKTL              Knife throwing is the older sibling of axe throwing. Recently the World Axe Throwing League (WATL)has announced they are entering into the realm of Knife throwing with the creation of the World Knife Throwing League or WKTL for short. The WATL is hoping the community and customers they have built over the last couple of years will carry over into the knife throwing world. But there are questions as to how well knife throwing will take off.    Knife throwing has been around for many years and many people who visit a venue to throw an axe for the first time have had some experience throwing a knife at some point in the past. To many people that have gotten into the competitive side of axe throwing, they first threw an axe because it was something new and fun to do with a group of friends or family. This one-time activity turned into an addictive hobby for many competitive throwers. To the average customer, knife throwing will not have the novelty appeal that

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